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This journal is now friends only. Please read the following before friending me.

You must be someone I know and not some unknown person from the internet. If you're someone I know from school and we've talked quite a few times, I'll friend you. If I know you from LJ through the various icontests that I participate in AND we've spoken to each other about stuff we share in common and not just "lol" comments, I'll friend you. (^O^)

Please, please don't debate politics with me. I will understand your viewpoint, regardless of where I stand. But I don't talk about it, period. It's ok for you to have it in your journal entries; after all, that is your journal and what you put down on it is up to you. I can tolerate hentai/ecchi/yuri/p0rn if you put it on your journal, but please refrain from talking about it on my journal. My journal is pretty clean. In addition, I WILL NOT TOLERATE RUDE COMMENTS. Do not put down anyone that comments on my journal. (-_-#)

I can be very hyper and full of energy when I write my entries. \(^O^)/ If you can't stand it, thinking it to be childish/immature, then don't friend me. I'd rather have people read my entries who can stand my personality. Most of these entries will be random and isn't that the point? Random is good. XD;;;

Last, but not least, do not friend me without having first commented on this entry. I really don't like to look at my friends' list and think, "Who is this person?" If I do see that, I will ask you to unfriend me [after skimming your journal and seeing if I know you], but politely. (^__^)v Sankyuu~♥

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